No One Is Telling Me What To Do

What Do I Do? Parents gone. Kids outta the house. Retired from work. Money in the bank. No one telling me what to do……or not do. All the freedom in the world. YIKES, what do I do???

Dozing- midday, doing crossword puzzles and eating bonbons, sounded good years ago when working like a crazy lady. Ain’t what I thought it would be! Not acceptable! Not for ME! With way too much energy and so much more life to live, this newfound freedom makes me scream, BOREDOM!

Why am I not happy? I used to dream of retiring and now all I dream of is the time I am wasting and all the things I want to do. This self-imposed retirement I so yearned for has left me feeling without purpose, useless and not needed.

NO MORE I said to myself. I got my butt off the sofa, threw away the empty candy wrappers and dove back into life. Shazam, blissful liberation!

Maybe I will learn to sing or paint, create an iPhone app, take flying lessons or start a philanthropy. Heck, maybe go to law school! Nothing can stop me now. What’s stopping you?

I have decided to live with happiness, curiosity, courage and gutsiness. C’mon gals, dive in with me. Let’s inspire each other to make this world a more interesting and kinder place. All to gain and nothing to lose except maybe skin a knee or elbow along the way. I have a bunch of those and wear them like badges of honor living life my way.

Just do it! Jump in and take this journey with me. Help me and your fellow gutsy gals reclaim the truth, be authentic and live our passions and purposes to the max.