Live On Your Own Terms

Most likely, the first chapter of your life was defined by your parents. The second chapter was defined by your quest to identify yourself—as a wife, mother, and/or career woman. Now, as you enter your third chapter, it’s all up to you!

For me, Chapter Two was a formative time during which I realized how many women had made substantial contributions to our world, but had been ignored in a man’s world. That realization inspired me to help other women believe in themselves and the contributions they might make. I saw an opportunity for entree into Hollywood and seized it, produced a short film about an outstanding woman, and created a paper program called Bill Your Ex and a book of domestic agreements, and then launched Gutsy Gals Inspire Me to promote positive female role models—all, disappointingly, a decade ahead of their times.

“The only
person you
are destined
to become
is the person
you decide
to be.”

Ralph Waldo

It took a mandated move across the country to open my book to Chapter Three. Once settled in Florida, my mojo returned, and I took control. I have become a Gutsy Gal, a whimsical, and intolerant of social barriers and biases. I think for myself and hope to ignite the same in others.

The Gutsy Gal is . . .

. . .the quintessential, spirited, yet respectful, lionhearted woman paving her own way even against criticism and questioning by others. She doesn’t live in the box or follow the pack. She paves her own way, never relinquishing her special powers of self. She defines herself by taking on the endeavors, projects and personal styles she chooses and sometimes chooses the ones she knows will raise eyebrows. The Gutsy Gal stands up for herself and her beliefs.