Living on My Terms

I started Gutsy Gals Inspire Me™ to share the path I have chosen, on my very own terms, to take the most advantage of this third chapter of my life. I am so happy to meet you here in this cyber-world of unique women striving to live life to its very fullest overcoming the cookie cutter frustrations we often are faced with. I hope to inspire and motivate you to live life on your terms creating your own destiny not allowing anyone to impede or compete with your individual powers. At the very core of my being I am a Gutsy Gal with a whimsical nature ignoring social barriers and imperfections while thinking for myself and hoping to ignite the same in others.

“The only
person you
are destined
to become
is the person
you decide
to be.”

Ralph Waldo

In this third chapter I am having the most fun possible doing whatever it is that makes me happy ensuring respect and kindness in all I do. If I don’t get gutsy and do whatever the heck crazy thing moves me, when will I? I hope I can impart this fun, ‘live it up now while you can’ gutsy behavior on you and that we all do the same for each other. If you want purple hair like I do, do it. If you want to take a crazy trip around the world all by yourself, do it. If you want to jump out of a plane, do it. Take that leap of faith and experiment with who you are. Just have fun, don’t retire from life, live on your terms and live gutsy.

The Gutsy Gal is . . .

The quintessential spirited, yet respectful, lionhearted woman paving her own way even against criticism and questioning by others. She doesn’t live in the box or follow the pack. She paves her own way never relinquishing her special powers of self. She defines herself by taking on the endeavors, projects and personal styles she chooses and sometimes chooses the ones she knows will raise eyebrows. The Gutsy Gal stands up for herself and her beliefs.

Be your most authentic self, take chances toward your destiny, have the most fun possible and be gutsy about it.