Achieving What Makes You Feel Good

“It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it I am not going to be silent.”
–Madeleine Albright, American Politician/Diplomat

Learning to live on my own terms, with authenticity, clarity and integrity, albeit with bumps and bruises along the way, was so liberating, I wanted to help other women to do the same. “Realize your inherent gutsiness” is my mantra. Enjoy the magic of being your gutsy-est self. What are you waiting for? Here’s a sampling of what I’m talking about:

Recognize Opportunities

Opportunities don’t always burst out at you from behind closed doors. Often, they’re just off to one side, or even right in front of us. Know where to look. Be alert. Years ago, I sensed a need. My gutsy gumption— the nerve to make an important call— landed me a new career as an atmosphere-casting director for Hollywood films.

Laugh At Yourself

when being dumped by my then-husband led to my creating a cool, novelty gift box, “Survival Tactics to Unbreak Your Heart.” It elicited giggles from several princesses.

Be Proactive

Take charge. When I needed a civil way to compel my Ex to repay what he owed me, I created a cool, non-emotional method called Bill Your Ex. It worked—and won an award.

Take Charge

If you want it done, do it yourself. When I wanted to spotlight a special woman in history, despite numerous rejections and advice to the contrary, I wrote, produced and directed, an animated short film, The Improbable Journey of Berta Benz. It won two gender-equity awards.

Keep It Clear

Find a path to clarity. Learn to communicate non-threatening language. After a misunderstanding with a friend I composed Agreements Between Family and Friends, a tool for amicable negotiations between loved ones. It was published, featured on Good Morning America, has been updated and is now online.

Give Back

Adopt a cause. To honor other gutsy females for their courage as positive role models, I created the Gutsy Gal Award. More recently, the hardships caused by COVID-19 moved other gutsy gals to help rally up a successful food drive.

Covid-19 Condo Challenge

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COVID-19 Condo Challenge

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