Achieving What Makes You Feel Good

“It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it I am not going to be silent.”
–Madeleine Albright, American Politician/Diplomat

The realization that living on my own terms with authenticity, clarity and integrity while acknowledging the bumps and bruises along the way is my mantra. To inspire other women to do the same and realize their inherent gutsiness is my mantra. Enjoy realizing the magic of being your best gutsy self. In this stage of our lives, what are we waiting for! Enjoy a sampling of what I’m talking about.

Recognize Opportunities

To be a Casting Director I started my first company in the Midwest by calling Hollywood and telling them I ‘was’ a Casting Director.

Pay Your Dues

To be in the Directors Guild of America required assisting lots of production crew members on many films and after at least five rejections they finally voted me in.

Laugh At Yourself

Being able to laugh after being dumped by my EX-Prince Royal Pain gave birth to a cool product “Survival Tactics to Unbreak Your Heart”. Who hasn’t had to deal with a broken heart? Princess Diana certainly had plenty of heartache and this even got a giggle out of her.

Take Charge

I wanted to uncover a special woman in history and in spite of numerous Hollywood rejections I went ahead and directed, wrote and produced an animated short film called The Improbable Journey of Berta Benz. It even won two gender equity awards.

Keep It Simple

Recognizing the need for nonthreatening tools of communication by just ‘putting it in writing’ gave life to Agreements Between Family and Friends, a tool for civil communication. Not only was it published, it was featured on Good Morning America!

Be Direct

I wanted to create a humane way to get paid by my Ex so I created a cool non-emotional tool called Bill Your Ex. Not only did I get paid, I won an Award.

Give Back

In honor of other gutsy females for their courage as positive role models empowering generations to come, the Gutsy Gal Award was created.

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